Agile Transformations Services


InfoSeption being a niche player in providing specialized services on many technologies, added Agile Transformations Services to its portfolio by joining hands with PM Power to offer the agile services aiming to expand its horizons and coach many professionals as; well qualified Agile Practitioners.

We offer the most comprehensive Agile Transformations Services, be it coaching, mentoring, training & end to end services to the customers. We are already proven services providers in UI UX and DevOps, adding Agile Transformations Services is natural as DevOps & Agile go together.

PM Power, a well established player in providing agile services for over 8 years. Team PM Power has over 250 person years of collective experience in the international software products and services industry and has trained & coached over 100 Scrum Masters & product owners and 1000 team members in over a dozen top organizations.

In the world of constant changes, agile approaches help teams in adapting to external changes smoothly and deliver consistently.

Find below our approach in brief:

Customized approach for each project based on

  1. Project context and current state
  2. Desired outcomes of agile adoption


  1. PM Power developed instruments
  2. Blend of Training & Coaching

The interventions are tuned to the needs at various levels in an organization, viz. Organizational unit, specific teams as well as individuals

Organizational Units

  1. A change management exercise starting with the leadership level
  2. Establishes linkages between agile values/principles and the appropriate practices
  3. A roadmap for scaling beyond the pilots
  4. Helping you establish an agile-friendly ecosystem including enabling policies and functions
  5. A focus on enabling you to sustain the change initiative without our involvement after a while


  1. Workshops for full, cross-functional teams
  2. Customized with teams work-products such as user stories and task boards
  3. Team specific, immersive and situational coaching for a few sprints
  4. Covers both ceremonies and softer teaming aspects
  5. Guidance on effective engineering practices adoption
  6. Guidance on automation opportunities


  1. Role based workshops for specific roles
    • Scrum Masters
    • Product Owners
    • Functional Managers
  2. Individual Coaching as needed for performance effectiveness improvement