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Clarive Software is a strong new performer in the DevOps market. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Spain and today has offices in the US, Belgium, and Brazil. Its entire senior management team has close to 20 years of practical experience in ALM, release and deployment management. Clarive is currently expanding its partner network, including in India

Clarive Software provides Clarive, a single, pragmatic, cost-effective solution to enable Lean Application Delivery for the bimodal IT organisation. Clarive combines 3 tools into 1: a pragmatic ALM solution, automation engine for Release, build, deployment, and change & configuration management.

How it benefits the customers if they adopt Clarive product?

Clarive supports any type of methodology and its hyper flexible topic approach supports both traditional and Agile concepts. As such is it the tool of choice to support the bimodal IT enterprise.

Clarive supports mainframe, Unix, Linux, Windows, Mobile, and Cloud platforms as well as most middleware, databases, and programming languages on these platforms, all from a single solution which dramatically reduces TCO for customers as well as simplified platform architecture.

Clarive provides a unique highly flexible rule engine with a domain specific language designed for DevOps. It allows to control all deployment and rollback processes to any level of granularity without needing to script externally. It supports manual steps, pausing, semaphores, quality gates, milestones, forking, error trapping and much more.

Clarive will version control all Application Delivery process rules, and is able to provide change reporting for maximum agility support.

Clarive will incorporate asset changes from any version control tool including Subversion, Git, TFS, Changeman, CVS, PVCS, Plastic SCM, Perforce, CA SCM, or Clearcase and many more. The product ships with an enriched to enterprise level version of git out-of-the-box, including LDAP security.

Clarive will keep the status of all tickets in sync during status transition, even between integrated 3rd party tools.

Clarive allows you to plan your releases and deployments in combination with a unique scheduling constraint mechanism based on environments, applications, and services.

Clarive provides

  • Gain role-based instant visibility into the application delivery process
  • Drill into any level detail through graphics or related objects
  • Support for product, release, team, and sprint backlogs with easy drag & drop planning
  • Include any number of dependencies between other topics or assets
  • Drill down into any displayed topic or asset, straight from within the browser
  • Graphical summarization of status or progress
  • And more... much more!!

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