Pidoco GmbH is an independent software producer dedicated to providing its customers with state-of-the art software solutions for Rapid Application Prototyping of web, mobile, and enterprise applications. We strive to offer you the easiest, fastest and most collaborative solution for generating and testing interactive application prototypes so you can focus on creating value for your customers – because that’s what ultimately makes you successful!

Pidoco Solution: Simplifying Design – Streamlining Development Pidoco is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for developing successful software applications without the usual project risks. Developing successful software applications can be a challenge. Projects miss targets or go over budget because requirements change, misunderstandings arise or clear specifications are lacking. Our prototyping software simplifies the design and development of web, mobile and enterprise applications by allowing stakeholders to easily communicate complex concepts verify requirements and test critical parts of an application before it is built.

Pidoco’s cutting-edge client-server technology enables real-time collaboration in any modern browser on any common operating system and allows users to easily create wireframes, interactive prototypes, mock-ups and specifications, and run remote usability tests to optimize GUI design. Just give it a try and experience the difference by powering the below features

Customized approach for each project based on

  • Clickable Wireframes
  • Fast and easy Prototyping
  • Easy Remote Usability Testing
  • No Software Installation
  • Interface Prototyping
  • Real time Collaboration
  • Prototype Reviewer
  • Remote Usability Tests

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