Usability Research Lab

The Usability Research Lab (URL) at Texas Tech University was established in 2002. Since its inception it has provided user experience (UX) evaluation, education, and design services to major international clients, including, among others, Booz Allen Hamilton, the United States Army, and Macmillan Publishing.

URL´s Mission:

Customized approach for each project based on

  • Provide rigorous, methodologically sound tests for clients
  • Offer real-world learning opportunities for Tech students and faculty
  • Engage in groundbreaking usability research

URL´s Director Dr. Brian Still has more than 15 years of industry experience, working in both the private and governmental sectors, as a technology developer, manager, and evaluator. He has directed the TTU (Texas Tech University) Usability Research Lab since 2006, managing a number of UX design and testing projects for a wide range of clients. In addition, his lab has produced cutting-edge research on UX issues.

Faced with the high cost of eye tracking systems, which are increasingly regarded as a necessity for UX design and evaluation, Dr. Still, along with his assistant lab director, Dr. Nathan Jahnke, began a startup company, Grinbath, in 2010 and developed EyeGuide EyeTracker & EyeGuide Assist, a mouse replacement that allows users to use their eyes instead of a mouse, went live in January, 2012. EG is the world’s first wearable, wireless eye control device and watch what users see as they see it, wherever they are, or wear EG to control objects on or off the computer screen, including robot arms and flying drones.

URL´s hugely experienced and well qualified team under the leadership of Dr. Brian Still provide multiple UX services

Customized, integrated UX/Usability evaluation services

  • Client interviews, product and environment assessments, user profile creation
  • User recruitment
  • Representative task development
  • Test plan development and implementation
  • Usability Review, Advisory
  • UX data analysis and reporting, including recommendations

UX Consulting

  • Heuristic evaluations of existing systems
  • Whitespace (competitor comparison) evaluations
  • Cognitive walk-throughs
  • Subject matter expertise for customers doing in-house testing but requiring guidance

UX/Usability Training

  • The URL offers customized training based on client needs
  • Since 2008 it has also offered three different corporate-focused short courses on UX evaluation and design which lead to certification through Texas Tech University