DevOps LNP


DevOps LNP Workshops are designed to help accelerate and ensure the success of your improvement efforts. These workshops bring recognized DevOps, Service Delivery, and Automation experts into you company to provide valuable lessons learned and best practices from high performing organizations across the industry. While theory and high-level concepts are introduced and explained, the focus of these workshops is on imparting practical “nuts and bolts” knowledge that attendees can use immediately in their day-to-day work.

AWE Agile


Through our AWE agile workshops, and with our holistic approach, focusing on competency development and creating self affluent in-house coaches. Workshops that are arranged from time to time, to address specific aspects of management and leadership. These workshops are conducted by experienced coaches. Workshops will focus on the typical challenges faced by Project Managers and to the needs of individual project managers in consultation with line management. Personal coaches will provide dedicated face time at monthly intervals during the learning period, for facilitating progress on the individual learning objectives.



Our MUX workshops are aimed to create usability experts and are designed on themes, specific requests relating to Ux concepts, design and testing. Experts coached by URL under the leadership of Dr. Brian Still would ensure transformation of best breed of usability practices to the attendees and enable them as best usability practitioners.


UX Workshop

Learning in the CUEP is hands-on. Students don’t hide on the back row watching PowerPoint slides. They roll up their sleeves and get to work, interacting with real users as they learn fundamental methods and approaches necessary for creating and then monitoring, through ongoing analysis, a robust, UX-centered environment, one that doesn’t try to find last minute problems, but rather one that focuses on building and maintaining systems that avoid such problems.